Capoeira Introduction

Capoeira Beach Sunset

Dr Mark Talbot
Medical Practitioner (MBBCh, Wits)

Post Net Suite 29
Private Bag X11
Midrand, 1685, Gauteng
South Africa

Capoeira Introduction

I am writing a general introductory letter for a sport that may benefit all who pursue this martial art. As a medical Doctor and parent of two boys, I have been practising Capoeira for over 3 years. I have experienced tremendous benefits in my health and quality of life.

Capoeira is the only martial art I know of that combines music, self-defence, self-discipline and a whole body workout in a continuously evolving and exciting way. It improved balance, core strength, coordination, special orientation, creativity, logical sequencing and so much more.

As a Doctor, I know it simultaneously develops the left and right sides of the brain in one activity. As an extramural it will improve anyone’s ability in their current sport and for those who have not found a sport or means of staying fit and improving fitness, this may be the activity that will be the one to do just that. Capoeira can be done by anyone, irrespective of age or gender. I know it will be beneficial to all people in terms of physical fitness, holistic health, their studies, their work and most importantly in life.

Our teachers have trained in Brazil and I have met all the South African teachers, the heads of school in South Africa and two Masters of Capoeira Terranossa in Brazil. Their teaching and knowledge of Capoeira is extensive and continually evolves to be one of the most effective self-defence sports.

Yours sincerely
Dr MA Talbot

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