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Capoeira Valente
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
by Dançarino on Capoeira Valente
Thank you

I have been taking classes for a year and a month now, and Capoeira and the culture of Capoeira has become a permanent part of me. The people I've met are now a second family to me. We encourage each other to progress and because of this I am building skills that I never thought I could have. I couldn't do a handstand a year ago, and now it's becoming as easy as walking. Seja Valente!

Thank you for your kind words Dançarino - we've all enjoyed watching you grow and your style is unique and engaging. Well played, keep up the incredible effort, and looking forward to many more years to come!

by Sheila on Capoeira Valente
Capoeira Valente

Mali started Capoeira in March and absolutely loves it! It’s the perfect sport/ activity for her and she looks forward to her class each week. As for me, happy child, happy parent!

Hi Sheila, we are so privileged to have such a talented young lady playing with us, we really enjoy watching her grow from strength to strength, and even happier that you are enjoying her happiness! Looking forward to seeing her at her next class 😉

by Capoeira Valente on Capoeira Valente

Dear Piranha and Xena, Thank you! For everything that you do.Love Chefe

Ahhh Chefe, such a pleasure having you with us, and really glad you're enoying the classes. I always look forward to seeing you guys and hope you feel stronger after each session. Will see you soon!

by Nerina on Capoeira Valente
Five stars

My 8 year old son Aryan has been with Mark and the Capoeira team for a few months now and we can definitely see the difference in our little one.He has learnt so many different moves and self-defence techniques and his confidence in himself and with others is improving.He is always singing one of the catchy tunes from classes when bathing.. I must say that Capoeira has certainly lived up to our expectations.Awesome stuff guys and keep doing what you do !Nerina

Hi Nerina, so happy to hear that Aryan is enjoying Capoeira and that everything we do in class is having a positive effect. Very heartwarming to hear that the songs we practise at the academy are being sung back home - it makes me feel that a piece of what we do here will be with your family for a very long time. Thank you for being a part of our lives!

by Chefe on Capoeira Valente
Thank you

Dear Piranha and Xena,

Thank you! For everything that you do.


Ahhh Chefe, such a pleasure having you with us, and really glad you're enoying the classes. I always look forward to seeing you guys and hope you feel stronger after each session. Will see you soon!

by Naja on Capoeira Valente
Capoeira for Infinity

Capoeira is a game and a fight and I love it so much because I learn to do so many cool and different moves. It makes me feel strong and happy. Valente is brave, positive and a really strong Capoeira team with friends helping me learn different moves with lots of love and support. Nothing will stop me doing Capoeira until I die! And I will carry on in heaven!!! Thanks Valente.

"and i will carry on in heaven"... haha... you and me both chinabean!

by Xena on Capoeira Valente
Love for Capoeira

What an amazing martial art and sport! Ever since I was a young girl with learning difficulties and physical challenges, Capoeira has helped me grow and improve both physically and emotionally. Capoeira Valente has become my home and the people there my family.Capoeira Valente is full of passion, a warm and welcoming environment, and not to mention a fantastic workout! It is super healthy for your body in terms of exercise, socialisation, and relieving stress!Seja Valente!

Thank you Xena! Capoeira Valente wouldn't be the same without you! See you soon!

by Travesuro on Capoeira Valente
Capoeira Valente

I love doing Capoeira a lot and it is fun. Thanks to Piranha I can do all sorts of fun kicks and many other things, and Capoeira is an awesome Mixed Martial Art and I love it. Thank you Piranha for everything and Xena and all my Capoeira friends.

Glad you enjoy the game so much Travesuro, it's great having you with us!

by Lagarto on Capoeira Valente
I've never looked back

Definitely the easiest rating I've ever had to give as Capoeira now pulses through my veins. By far the best work out ever, giving me everything from martial arts to gymnastics, acrobatics, self defense, music and culture. An incredible bunch of people as well with no ego's or judgement, allowing me to be who I want to be.I don't know how they've done it, but its definitely an exercise routine that works for me and I always look forward to going back for more.Well done guys, you have outdone yourselves!

Thank you Lagarto, looking forward to the next training session. SEJA!