You’ve been wondering “What is my next..? What can I do? Where can I go? This routine of mine, it needs to change.”

You’ve tried everything, been everywhere, done it all; put your best foot forward, and found yourself back where you started. You think there is nothing else to get you into gear, to get you where you know you can be, to do things you thought weren’t possible. You’ve tried everything.

You haven’t tried this…not yet you haven’t

  • Location: Bryanston (Find us here)
  • Class times: Weekday evenings & Saturday mornings (Full schedule here)
  • Benefits:
    • Transform your body
    • Increase fitness
    • Develop strength & muscle tone
    • Learn awareness and alertness for self-defence
    • Dramatically reduce stress
    • Learn to sing, and play a number of instruments
    • Most importantly, turn new friends into family

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Benefits of Capoeira

The Brazilian art of capoeira isn’t easily pigeonholed. It’s at once a game, a fighting form, a sport, a cultural expression and a whole lot more. It’s also an activity with a whole bunch of health benefits.

A healthy body is essential to enjoy and live your life to the fullest. Many of us follow a regular workout routine. However, regular exercises can appear monotonous and boring after some time. Worry not!

Capoeira is an awesome Brazilian martial art that combines elements of fighting, dancing, acrobatics and culture. Why is Capoeira the right choice for your children?.

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