Montreal in the Spring Time

Floração and Family

My dear Valentees,

Greetings from Canada! I can’t believe it’s been ten months since we left SA! After some turbulent times (heartbreaking goodbyes, 27 hour trip to Canada, losing backpack with all our documents as we arrive in Montreal and then finding it again, dealing with jetlag, looking for apartment to rend, sorting out all the admin stuff, finding a school for the kids…) we have finally settled and life is good!

Floracao and Family
We successfully survived our first Canadian winter thanks to the proper clothing (think of those jackets you see in the movies about Arctic exploration) and weekly skiing trips which kept us active and happy. And as the weather improved and we started to see glimpses of spring here and there, the corona swooped in, and we are now mostly stuck at home. But we are not complaining, as this gives us a chance to train with the Valentees yet again! Thanks to the virtual Valente classes and our leaders Piranha and Xena and their support, determination and generosity, we are keeping fit, staying sane and (dare I say it?) actually enjoying being at home.

Being able to train with my capoeira family will be the only thing I am going to miss when world goes back to normal. Until then, I am savouring waking up with sore muscles, finding out which new methods Xena will use to torture us and hearing Piranha sing (and yell) from my TV. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

Lots of love,


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