Valente Sky Newsletter – The COVID Edition


Bem Vindo!

Boy has this been a long time coming, my word! Anything exciting happen to you in the past couple of months? Any changes taking place, new experiences? Same old same old, or has there been anything interesting to talk about? Okay, besides New Years, Birthdays, Rodas, Special Guests (Marinheira – I see you), School Activities and homework, nothing else? Business as usual? Okay, nothing new to mention then…fine…let’s crack on.

Oh, yes…there is that one thing that has changed all our lives that has happened recently isn’t there? Megxit! Phoawr, who would have thought that Royals wanted their privacy? Unbelievable!! Then there was Jennipitt (Aniston and Pitt? I’ll take it), but maybe that isn’t really a thing. What else is there…there is something niggling in my chest that I just can’t figure out…a slight tickle in my throat…a fever that I can’t put my finger on…what is it?


Liverpool! No, that’s not it. I can’t think of anything that has happened with all this Covid around. I just don’t get it.

Wait a second….

Capoeira Valente Newsletter May 2020

Letter from the Editorial Team:

Too much to talk about, too much to say, and all the time in the world apparently now to say it, but we’ll keep this as brief as possible. If you’d like to know more about Valente and COVID-19, then please read Valente’s Response to COVID-19 on how we are moving ourselves through this unique time in our history, what we are aiming to achieve, our plans for the future, engagements with our fellow Capoeirstas and Family, and when our new normal will start becoming our routine.

Goodness knows there must be other topics of conversation that you’d like to spend your time reading about. So in the interest of keeping it fresh, please read on with all the great things that are happening as a result of our circumstances, some ideas on how to keep fit and motivated over the next couple of weeks, and how you can flatten your own curve (ah-hem) while being in front of your screen 😉.

Be Positive, stay strong and keep fit, allow just enough insanity in to make you giggle, and know that Valente is moving forward with your safest interests at heart. We cannot wait to celebrate our next Roda with you when it is safe and risk-free, with no need for anxiety or compromising your principles. We wouldn’t be here without you, and look forward to supporting you in your daily lives to the best of our abilities. Your passion gives us energy – let us bring the energy to you.


{Brain Tester…}

The day before yesterday, I was 20 years old, and next year I will turn 23. How is this possible?

Answer in our next newsletter – try not to Google it 🙂

Who knew that things would get this interesting when 2020 started out? From “Perfect Vision” to “Vision Impaired”, this year has really turned the tides on our expectations and made us re-evaluate what is, and is not important.

Flattening the curve

All sorts of challenges are trending around the world, and Capoeira Valente has stepped up! Our contribution was a great success, with everyone taking the opportunity to express themselves and have a ton of fun.

Check it out on YouTube

The first in our “Where in the World” segment is from our dearly missed Floração, Tataruga, Boo and Milos, who moved to Canada 10 months ago. An avid joiner online, she is still very much a part of our daily training, and we’re loving every minute of her and her family taking the time to keep in touch.

Find out about their journey so far

Wondering what the benefits are of going to classes every week, what the hidden advantages are of doing a Martial Art with Capoeira as its foundation? Let us introduce to the known and unknown reasons that prove that this is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your kids.

A Holistic View of Martial Arts

We always love growing as a family, and welcome our new students into the Academy. Congratulations to our fellow Capoeirstas on being presented with their Apelidos. Long may you grown into your name and become the player we know you can be!

So who’s new at Valente?

Core strength, muscle tone, enhanced fitness – it’s all about conditioning your body and making sure you have the strength to do the impossible,  both physically and mentally

What is Body Conditioning about?

Training and exercise doesn’t just take place at the Academy. Each month we push ourselves further, harder, to become stronger than before, all while motivating and engaging with each other to become the best that we can be.

Check out our Monthly Challenge

In the beginning, there was darkness, and it was rich, full-bodied, aromatic and delicious. And to make sure you get your fix of wholesome goodness, we have partnered up with Roast Republic to get you your Morning Brew with just that little bit extra

Who knew coffee could be this sweet?

If you are happy with something in particular and want it to stay, or unhappy about something else and want it to go, you can anonymously complete our Valente Survey to let us know what is working and what isn’t. Have your say, we can’t grow without you.

Take the Survey

Keen to give Capoeira a try? Come for a free trial class. You like what you experience, then you can pay for your first month and get your second month free, with 2 private classes. R2,050 value for R650!

Sign me up – I’m keen!

Please check our website for more details relating to COVID-19, opening up of our Academy doors, and continuing with training from home

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