Valente Sky Newsletter – November 2019

Capoeira Valente Monthly Newsletter

Bem Vindo!

Dear All,

Introducing Capoeira Valente’s first monthly newsletter, and the start of an exciting experience ahead of us. Inspired by the notion that wherever we are, whatever is going on around us, we can always feel a part of something that is bigger than us. Welcome to “Valente Sky“.

The aim of our newsletter is to provide monthly and quarterly highlights in the world of Valente and Capoeira, upcoming events, competitions, news and views, songs, Portuguese phrases, and so much more.

{Brain Tester…}

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Letter from the Editorial Team:

Welcome to the first edition of Valente Sky; our new communication channel proudly brought to you by Capoeira Valente, born from the Valente Breakaway Weekend we recently had. This will be your primary platform for communication where we will share new and exciting information and changes starting off in 2020, and sooner.

You can expect to receive a monthly newsletter that will have upcoming monthly events (Rodas, get-togethers, exciting visitors, etc), a movement, sequence and song that will be focused on for the month topped with photos and videos from the month gone by. Also, keep an eye out for our detailed quarterly editions. Stories on Capoeira History, what’s happening in Valente – competitions, newcomers, sad goodbyes, Apelideos and much much more. It is our intention to keep you up to date with what is going on and feed you as much information as possible, without the urgency or constraints of other social media platforms, so please enjoy!

If you’d like to add someone else to the mailing list, to ensure that everyone is up to date or to simply see what Valente is up to or to learn more about Capoeira or to refer someone to Valente, please click here to add them and we will get in contact with them.

We hope you enjoy our newsletters and sharing our journey with us, and look forward to a GREAT 2020!

Teen Squad

Teenagers, we see you! We’re dedicating time specifically with your ideas in mind, combining music, those crazy awesome moves, leadership development and more responsibility. You’re going to love what Valente has in store for you.

Lets get Lit

New Class Schedule

There have been some changes to the class schedules in 2020. This is to accommodate for those younger ones who’s eyes are closing towards the end of classes. We understand that 18H30 finishing is too late, so are making plans to finish training earlier.

Find your times…

Where in the World

From Durban to the Bahamas, Canada to Japan, the UK, Serbia and more, Capoeira Valente’s story continues beyond our borders. See what’s happening with Capoeira all over the world.

Durban classes now open!

Interesting Articles

All the news and information you’ll want to know about Valente, and Capoeira in general. From what’s happening in the world of fitness, to how Capoeira positively influences so many aspects of your life.

What’s HOT right now?

Plan your Year Ahead

All annual events taking place are being scheduled in advance. This allows everyone to plan ahead, knowing when to get the gears moving.

Check out our Upcoming Events

Finger on the Pulse

New students, new Apelidos, new class locations, new sequences, moves, activities, videos, new photos, new friends – everything to keep your heart pumping and your mind engaged!

No more FOMO…

Video of the Month

Need some help to remember a sequence, feeling nostalgic about an event, interested in some of the insane movements being done at the academy and elsewhere? We have that video for you.

Take me there

Competition Time

Every new beginning has some exciting opportunities to get stuck into, and we want you to be a part of the experience. We are running a competition to get that perfect shot – keep reading on our website for more information.

What’s the story?!

How are we doing?

How are we doing?

If you are happy with something in particular and want it to stay, or unhappy about something else and want it to go, you can anonymously complete our Valente Survey to let us know what is working and what isn’t. Have your say, we can’t grow without you.

Take the Survey

Buy one, get one Free!

Keen to give Capoeira a try? Come for a free trail class. You like what you experience, then you can pay for your first month and get your second month free, with 4 private classes. R2,050 value for R650!

Sign me up – I’m keen!

Martial Arts Capoeira Kick
Please note that the Academy is closed after the 21st of December, and opens again on the 8th of January 2020
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