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Vim No Navio de Aruanda, Aruanda ê

Vim No Navio de Aruanda, Aruanda ê


  • Author

    Tony Angola (Capoeira Angola Comunidade)

  • Credit

    Capoeira Song

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Capoeira Is…

Exactly what you want it to be. It has the potential to show you things about yourself, physically and mentally, that you never knew. It can be a game, or it can be a fight. It can be a test of your temperament and reactions or those of your opponent, it can be a place where you go to escape life’s everyday problems and stresses or a place where you can go to keep fit and strong in a fun and challenging environment. Whatever capoeira can be, come try it out and find out what it is to you…

Share your journey with us; something fun always comes from something new