Roast Republic Valente Special

Roast Republic

Roast Republic is ready to provide you with the best start to your day that your coffee-fix could ask for. Based in Sloane Square Shopping Centre, Roast Republic is all about the brew and the blend, bringing consciousness to the art of coffee.

During the COVID-19 experience, Roast Republic will be sending out unique specials which we will happily pass through to you. You can take advantage of these during your 06H00 to 09H00 daily workout, or on that special visit to the shops. Currently operating from within the Sloane Meat Market, their flavours and tastes are exceptional, and there isn’t a café around that offers better value for money and exceptional flavour. They also sell freshly ground or whole beans in 250g and 1kg packs, with coffee sourced from Tanzania, Guatemala and Brazil, who could ask for anything more appropriate?

Make it Special

Roast Republic and Capoeira Valente have entered into a stunning agreement that aims to make your Capoeira experience just that little bit more tasty.  Here’s the skinny…

  • Every new sign-up to Valente gets a FREE once-off coffee or milkshake, on the house – Roast Republic’s welcome pressie to you 😉
  • Every four coffees purchased qualifies you for one free coffee, a huge saving of 20%!!
  • Additional treats, snacks, and meals will soon be available – sign-up to Capoeira Valentes Newsletter for details as they happen

Terms and conditions apply, but as we are a very caring and considerate community, Roast Republic and Capoeira Valente do not expect any abuse of the offer taking place. To protect ourselves against outside chances however, Loyalty Cards are available from Valente so please enquire when you come through to Academy to enable your daily hit.

We are very excited about this new relationship, adding more value and incentive to the extra-ordinary effort you are already putting in, making the time for you and your children worthwhile and enjoyable. Long may it last, and with your involvement we are convinced that this will be the launchpad for many more opportunities in the future.

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