Instrutor Piranha

Piranha is the founder and head instructor at Capoeira Valente in Johannesburg. He has been training capoeira for well over 10 years and has been teaching for close to 8 years. He has an infectious passion for capoeira and teaching in general and pours heart and soul into each class and every event. Piranha has a natural gift with children and invests much of his energy into the growth of his young students, as he believes these students are the future and will carry this beautiful martial art through the next century.


I believe that the most beneficial competition is the competition to better oneself each day and that no matter how much experience one has, you should never stop learning and challenging yourself. Humility and confidence is an apparent part of my philosophy for capoeira and for life and I  believe that with this combination you can conquer any challenge and goal one might face. The growth of one’s peers grows yourself and this is taught by in each lesson. I believe that as we allow and help the people around us to grow, we unconsciously allow and help ourselves to grow.– Instrutor Piranha