Safeguarding a Cultural PRACTICE

The Capoeira Roda is where you get to test your mettle and put your training into practice against yourself and your fellow Capoeirstas. Playing within the Capoeira Family gives you the opportunity to express your individual style, throw in some cheeky movements of your own, push your preferred sequences into the game and to simply let the energy flow from movement to movement. The game can be as you want it to be – trying to outsmart your fellow Capoeiristas, testing new acrobatic skills, trying to see how long you can keep yourself flowing from one motion into the other, or just simply to be a part of the full experience. This is not a competition, and it is not just about the game – it’s about the music, the people, the respect that we have for each other, and how we get to express ourselves in front of our peers.

Every time we play, we safeguard this cultural practice by remembering how Capoeira came to be, how it reflects our present life, and what it means to us going forward. We consider ourselves lucky and privileged to be a part of this international game being played in little pockets around the world and know that above all, you will feel a part of something bigger than yourself, all the while having the time of your life.