Kids Beginners Class
Develop the skill and build their confidence

Capoeira, like many other sports, teaches children life skills that surpass the physical ability of the sport, such as the ability to work in a team, respect for teammates and opponents, the discipline of training and practice, of setting goals and the values of winning and losing graciously and with humility. Capoeira does all this with space for each individual child to explore and express their own creativity, all while learning new skills of movement and music and another language. It builds self-confidence, body awareness and control, strategy and social skills of being a part of the larger community, learning from their peers and adults alike; and they themselves being a role model to new-comers. Capoeira accepts everyone for who they are irrespective of cultural, religious, social backgrounds.

Every participant who plays the game already has a common interest with their fellow Capoeirstas. The sense of community and family starts the second you step into the Capoeira Valente Academy. It is a place where friendships are made and where children of all ages come together to learn, explore and have fun.