Beginners Open Class
Looking for a challenge?

So you’ve been playing Capoeira for a bit and you feel that you have the basics in play, you’re already hooked (that’s a given), but you want to focus on the skills you’ve learnt so that you can play with the best. This is the class that will make that happen. Here you will get the focus and attention from the instructors to help you wrap your head around the more complicated moves, without the bustling activities of the Open Class distracting you from moving forward. With everyone eager to learn more challenging sequences, and being given space and time to do so, your game will accelerate to an advanced skill set that will take your breath away. But don’t think that you’ll walk away without having pushed your limits – this class will get your heart beating and your muscles pumping.

Your stamina and confidence in your abilities will be the natural reward. The exercises that you’ve trained through will have the added bonus of a stronger core, noticeable weight loss, more energy, clearer focus and a revitalised perspective on life that will have you eagerly awaiting your next class.

Event Hours(1)

  • Thursday

    05:30 pm - 06:30 pm

    Fun fitness
    Piranha / Xena