Acrobatics and Gymnastics
Get stronger, fitter, faster

This is not just for those wanting to play Capoeira. If you are undecided about the strict, time consuming, relentless schedule of gymnastics at a gym or school, if the pressure of putting your family or yourself through excessive training becomes a burden instead of enjoyable, if your week has very little time for anything else, then this class is for you. Acrobatics is the wow-factor of Capoeira that uses gymnastic ability and dexterity and puts it into movements and sequences that will leave spectators in awe, unbelieving of what they have just seen. Not just for the capoeira enthusiast, this class teaches skills used in parkour, martial arts, toning and fitness by incorporating callanetics, body conditioning and acrobatic movements which will improve your flexibility, core strength and muscle definition.

Leave the weights behind, forget about strict routines that leave little space to breathe, and come take part in a class for all ages where the beginner and the skilled support and learn from each other and push a sense of family and unity. It’s an incredible workout that will leave you breathless with aching muscles, but your endorphins will be racing and your body will become desperate for more.

Event Hours(1)

  • Saturday

    11:15 am - 12:30 pm

    Technically Dynamic
    Piranha / Xena