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Reviews at Capoeira Valente are important to us as we strive to keep you engaged and focused on the game, and to make sure you stay hungry for more. In order to do this, we need your help to understand our strengths and weaknesses, where we can improve, and want we can continue to do that makes our form of this Brazilian martial art one that is fun, exciting and challenging.

If you’ve felt the exhilaration of putting your mind and body through its paces, tell us, and if you haven’t, then tell us as well. We ask that you take a couple of minutes to submit your reviews and feel free to do so as often as you like. Tell us what you got out of a specific class, how you felt a day or two after, what will bring you back for the next one, which moves made you feel like you’ve got this, and which moves you want to work on more.

We are as strong as each other, and with your guidance, we aim to make ourselves the best that we can be.

“Seja Valente” and looking forward to seeing you at the next class!

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Capoeira Valente Google Reviews

  • It goes without saying that Capoeira is now wholly a part of our family life. At work I listen to Capoeira music, it focuses me, and I’m able to put more attention into what I am doing. At home, I’m listening to the words, picking up the language, practising the pronunciation, the tunes, and the lyrics. Its slow, but when you’re interested and passionate about something, it always feels like you’re having fun. Thursdays and Fridays I spend massaging sore muscles and feet, happy that I have actually done something physical with my week and that I have reason to be so! There is no point in coasting through life without pushing your limits; achieving what you didn’t think was possible is becoming quite a rush, and Capoeira is giving me a great way of getting my confidence and energy back. I’ve even put on muscle and dropped a belt size, much to the surprise of my kids who can't tell the difference. To them I still weigh the same though – about a hippo-and-a-half, but I know better. Keep it going Valente, we're going to be with you guys for a long long time! SEJA!!!

  • Capoeira Valente has welcomed my son Cameron with such a gentle approach. Being 3 years of age, it took him a while to get going- now he can’t wait to go to class, destress in a constructive way. What a great way to get him some exercise and energized for the day ahead! He truly enjoys all the activities and is getting stronger and more confident as the weeks pass. Thank you!

  • I came to Capoeira Valente looking for a fun way to exercise and de-stress, but I've found so much more. With them you don't just learn an incredible martial art, you truly become part of a family. A family overflowing with positivity and support. They are willing to welcome anyone who steps though their door, and are determined to be a part of your journey, towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

  • a community and a family that care in growing and nurturing all the students that pass through it’s doors, from the youngest to the oldest. My child started at the Academy in May and I have seen such a positive change that I am joining as well. You will never regret the decision to join!

  • Such a welcoming place. Lovely instructors to teach kids (of all ages) confidence and martial arts skills.