Conditioning Pushup

Workout Challenge of the Month

Martial Arts is not just about sequences and movements, its also about challenging yourself and conditioning your body to perform at its best. Our workout challenge of the month aims to get you to the top of your game.

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Kyla and Jude Laschinger - Chefe and Forte

Aha – Lemon Boy

An astonishing Art Project done by our very own Chefe and featuring her brother and fellow Capoeirista, Forte. Incredible work and masterfully done!

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Korobella takes on Corona

Korobella tells us how her agency is responding to the Covid-19 pandemic and that what excites her is that in this time of crisis, the world is turning to creativity

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More than One Voice

Helping girls to connect to their own power as and then using that power and knowing to become leaders and role models to other girls around the world.

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Diets and Anchors

For many people, losing weight is a lifelong struggle. Not only is changing your approach and attitude to food, and possibly exercise, fairly difficult, but choosing a diet to follow can be a confusing and overwhelming experience.

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Capoeira Music Instruments
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What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is the best martial arts for fitness and exercise that will change your lifestyle. It is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of self-defence, kicks, open hand punches, acrobatics and music. It is a great exercise for all ages and increases fitness and strength throughout the body and mind, is great for brain stimulation and de-stressing, and will keep you healthy in a fun and enjoyable way.

Capoeira Valente has brought this Brazilian Martial art to Johannesburg in its true form. This wonderful Martial Art is for all ages, all sizes and for all people, teaching you about martial arts and self-defence.

We have something for everyone, so give us a call today to make the change you’ve been looking for.



Looking for something that suits you? We have the class for you


Something is always happening. Check our events schedule to see what’s taking place near you


We have a range of options to suit your budget


From easy and smooth to energetic and complex, our workouts will maintain a high level of fitness and mental stimulation


While the game is being played, the music will give energy and motion to the everyone involved


Capoeira is our lifestyle and we are always keen to share new information, thoughts, and experiences

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Three of the primary requirements to turn your exercise and fitness needs into a Martial Art. Want to know more? Be the first to hear about new promotions, latest news, forthcoming and current events, and what has been happening in Capoeira Valente. Subscribe to our newsletter and become a part of the hype that is Capoeira..


It goes without saying that the more you train, the stronger and better you will get. With our various class options, there is plenty of incentive to find an exciting mixture of skills that will keep you motivated and engaged, ready for the next session that will push your limits. Come to at least two classes a week to qualify for our One Month Free Promotion where you can get to experience everything that Capoeira Valente has to offer, and we guarantee that you’ll be coming back for more.
For an adult, we have a number of classes to get you into the spirit of Capoeira. Thursday evenings from 17H30 to 18H30 will teach you the basics, and our Saturday Acro class from 11H15 to 12H30 involves exciting and dynamic movements that you will associate with the game, as well as get the opportunity to work on your strength and dexterity during our intense Body Conditioning session at the end of the class. For kids there is a Family Class on Wednesday from 17H30 to 18H30 where adults and children train together, closing the generation gap and bringing the joy of unified exercise into one session. This is great for beginners as well, as everyone gets to have fun while trying out something new without the strict discipline that has become synonymous with Martial Arts. Our Saturday class from 09H15 to 10H15 also gives focused attention to the basics and empowers the student with the confidence and skills needed for the more advanced classes.
Absolutely not, not in the slightest – in fact, we encourage those who are not musically inclined to join our music classes on Wednesday between 18H30 and 19H15 as you will end up surprising yourself on what you thought you couldn’t do. From basic instruments such as the Pandeiro (tambourine) and Agogo (bell) to the Atabaque (drum) and Berimbau, there is something for everyone, and if those don’t interest you, then you can always add to the energy of the class by simply clapping and singing. The music will grab and captivate you with its hypnotic rhythm and beat, and you will feel inspired by being a part of a group of people making something incredible for that short amount of time.

So let’s test your mettle! Our advanced classes are on Monday from 18H30 to 19H30, Wednesday from 19H15 to 20H30, and for specific skills training and dedicated attention to detail, our Thursday class from 18H30 to 19H30 will be sure to keep you on your toes. This is a great opportunity to learn as well as teach others on the skills you have acquired through your Capoeria journey, and we will always welcome your style and technique into our academy to improve our skills as well as your own.


Note: Please see our detailed timetable for a comprehensive breakdown of classes.