Allow me to elaborate, if you will, on this age old Martial Art that has been around for centuries, in the back alleys of your city, in the parks around your neighbourhoods, possibly in plain sight, but without a name that you recognise, let alone know how to pronounce.

Capoeira [kap-oo-air-uh] is a Brazilian Martial art that originated from the slave trade of the 1600’s between Africa and Brazil. There is a ton of information available online, now that you know what it is that you are looking for. I suggest looking at the following sites:

  1. Capoeira
  2. Wikipedia
  3. Capoeira World
  4. YouTube

But I’m not here to flex my cultural knowledge or the history of the game – that’ll come later no doubt. I’m here to talk about how Jym became a necessary stepping stone into finding something new, energising, and motivational.

You must be aware of the story now, having experienced it yourself countless times before…waking up in the morning, amped and inspired to get over to Jym’s place, arriving there full of inspiration to own the day and then suddenly falling flat the second you needed to apply yourself to working up a sweat, or pushing a weight, or running around a track, or other mind-numbing exercises. Jym had me believe that he was the only way to get fit, to tone up, get stronger, faster, and more energised. He sang a great song and I felt like I was making progress. The routines, the exercises, the workouts – they all made great sense and I saw improvements. But after a while things started slowing down. Progress was tediously slow, the routines became laborious, and after years and years and years, I just couldn’t anymore. I gave up as there really wasn’t any point, and life kind of gradually took over as it always does. New routines in other aspects of life became old, I got myself into a groove that I was comfortable with and didn’t aspire to change. Weight gain was a natural consequence which I was happy to accept and I just started coasting along oblivious to the world of exercise and carefree of the emotional burden of feeling guilty of not pushing myself.

Had I known about Capoeira all those years ago, there is little doubt that things would have ended up differently for me, but everything happens for a reason and I suppose sometimes the best things in life happen when they need to. I consider myself lucky to have had the game eventually find me, and if you’re reading this, chances are its found you too. The good news is that its also not too late to get started, so stick with me and I’ll tell you all about it.